Monday, January 16, 2012

CAIRO: A 49-year-old Egyptian

Egypt, Egyptian gods and         
Egypt, Egyptian gods and
the ancient Egyptians            
the ancient Egyptians
never been me god has been       
never been me god has been
May God do good to you,          
May God do good to you,
Ancient Egyptians built          
Ancient Egyptians built
Grecian-Goddess Bombshell Tea-Len
th Wedding Dress and Evening Jac
Grecian-Goddess Bombshell Tea-Length Wedding Dress and Evening Jacket
Neko Goddess Bastet Meets        
Neko Goddess Bastet Meets
Super Smooth Fashion Goddess     
Super Smooth Fashion Goddess
CAIRO: A 49-year-old Egyptian    
CAIRO: A 49-year-old Egyptian

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